Goodnight, Junk Food Monster

You’re making great choices, eating healthy, feeling great and then ROAR! The junk food monster awakens and all of the sudden you are tempted to buy Combos while standing in line at CVS.

(Combos are my monster’s food of choice. All the goodness of salty, cheesy-filled pretzels ….along with hydrogenated oils, artificial colors and heaven only knows what else…)

So of course, I don’t buy them. But I do I get very curious about what made my monster wake up from such a peaceful slumber.

Instead of asking ‘What’s Wrong With Me?’ (like I often have in the past), I ask myself:

Have I eaten enough good fat today?

In his book, The End of Overeating, former Surgeon General of the United States David Kessler writes that although we typically classify our cravings as either sweet or salty, they are really cravings for fat. This is why when you crave something sweet, a hard candy will typically not suffice (unless it’s dipped in butter—hello caramels!). Or good luck just sprinkling some salt on raw vegetables when you want something salty.

However, if you add some guacamole, nut spread or another healthy fat to those veggies, it may be enough to put that silly monster to sleep.

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I’m looking forward to helping you say ‘Goodnight’ to your junk food monster!


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