DSC01567Hi, I’m Chef Jenny Brewer and I have a question for you:

When I say healthy food, what is the first thing that pops in your mind?

Okay, now that you have that food in your mind, picture yourself eating it.

Is it delicious?

Are you satisfied?

Are you LOVING every bite?

Yes? That’s great! Chances are you find it pretty easy to stay committed to eating healthy.

And if you answered NO, I get it. There are a lot of healthy foods out there that taste…well….’healthy’.

(And that is NOT a compliment!)

Here’s the problem: If your idea of eating healthy conjures up boring, tasteless food, it can be very challenging to stay motivated. I mean, who can blame you for wanting some delicious, exciting food in your life?

If that sounds familiar…then you are in the RIGHT place!  

“I’ve helped thousands of people learn to cook and eat delicious food they love so it’s easier to committed to their healthy lifestyles.”

Like I said, I get it….

For years, I had a love/hate relationship with food. Caught up in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, I’d listen to the experts who said  the easiest way to be healthy was to look at food-was-fuel. I’d count calories, give up certain foods and basically try my best to ‘get-over’ my love of food.

But I never got over it. After days or months of restricting myself and eating boring, tasteless foods, I would always go back to eating food I was excited about.

The problem was that I had restricted my food for so long so when I allowed myself to eat what I wanted, I couldn’t stop. Also, what I ‘wanted’ typically wasn’t very balanced or nourishing…

(sadly, half a loaf of bread and a handful of granola is NOT a balanced meal).

At some point, I knew this unhealthy relationship with food had to end. I was spending WAY too much time worrying about what I was eating and driving myself (and my then boyfriend, now husband, believe it or not) crazy.

I knew there had to be a better way.

And sure enough, there was a better way at the Natural Gourmet Institute of Food & Health in New York City. As a chef’s training student, I learned how to make healthy foods taste delicious from some of the best chef instructors in the world of natural foods.

This food blew my mind! I had never eaten food this satisfying and delicious. At the same time, my body had never felt as grounded or as nourished.

And even though I was surrounded by food, I was thinking about it less. I was more in tune with my body so it was easier to decide how much to eat and when to stop.

Because learning to cook healthy, delicious, whole foods was the catalyst for getting off the diet rollercoaster, after I graduated, I felt compelled to teach others what I had learned.

Through delicious, healthy recipes, meal plans, and cooking classes, I’ve helped thousands of people learn to cook and eat delicious food they love so it’s easier to committed to their healthy lifestyles.

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Chef Jenny BrewerAbout Jenny Brewer, MS, CNS

Jenny Brewer believes healthy food should be fun and flavorful. She is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts in New York City and has a Masters degree in Nutrition. Jenny has been teaching nutrition and holistic cooking for over 10 years.

Her recipes have appeared on numerous websites and publications and she is a regular contributor to Delicious Living magazine.

Jenny currently lives in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA with her happy recipe-testing husband Eric. After cooking and eating, her favorite pastimes are playing beach volleyball, yoga and singing with the Inner Light Ministries Choir.