Behind the Scenes at my Natural Foods Cooking Program

I just finished teaching my October Natural Foods Cooking Training. One of the concepts we talk about in class is how to use recipe templates—basic recipes like soup and hummus that you can easily change for variety. Having go-to templates makes it much simpler to whip up a delicious, healthy snack or meal in no time:

The students loved learning how to make healthy food more delicious and exciting:

“Jenny’s classes are very informative on several levels. I learned about new foods, nutrition, flavors, and a multitude of preparation techniques. I love having new meals to add to my list of favorites!” ~Marian

“This class exceeded my expectations. It inspired me to cook, which I really needed since I’d been in a bit of a rut. Also, I learned enough general principles about whole foods and nutrients that I now feel like I can easily incorporate them into the food I make my family.” ~Suzanne

“If you are looking for some great recipes for your friends and family that will knock their socks off with flavor, uniqueness AND on top of that are healthy & nutritious, then you need to join one of Chef Jenny’s cooking classes!!! I had an awesome time & have already made 5 recipes that my husband (the taste tester) loves!” ~Kari

If you’d like to get inspired to eat healthier, consider attending my next training coming up in January. Start your new year off right by learning strategies to make healthy eating easier and a lot more delicious. Click here to find out more.

Until next time, Eat Well, Be Well and LOVE Every Bite!

~Chef Jenny

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