Three Great Gluten Free Grains You Probably Aren’t Eating But Should Be

Most of us eat the same grains over and over again (think brown rice, quinoa and whole wheat, repeat…).  While these grains are healthy choices, the best way to maximize your nutrition is to vary the types of whole grains…

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Health(ier) Brown Rice Krispy Treats

I love teaching cooking classes, but my hands-down favorite class to teach is the unrefined sweeteners class of my Natural Foods Training. Healthy desserts made with natural sweeteners and nutrient dense ingredients–what’s not to love? We always have an interesting…

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Kale, Quinoa and Hempseed Salad

Looking for an easy way to get more protein and satisfying fat into your diet?  Try Hempseed.  Hempseed is a small nutty seed that tastes a little like sunflower seeds.  It is ready to eat from the package making it…

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Want a healthier relationship with food?

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! I want to tell you about an incredible opportunity to access 15 leading experts from around the world, all in one place, who will each help you to shift your relationship…

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chocolate cake
What’s Better Than Chocolate Cake?

Recently, one of my Natural Foods Training students shared with me that every year on her birthday, she enjoys a delicious, rich chocolate birthday cake from one of her favorite local bakeries.  However, this year was different.  Instead of ordering…

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