How would you like to…
All While Saving TIME and MONEY!?

Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to stay in the flow when you are eating well and taking care of yourself? Yet the stress from our busy schedules makes it challenging to stay committed to healthy eating (even though that is when you need it most!)

That is why I have created this Healthy Meal Planning Service–to make it easy and less stressful to eat healthy and feel great! Every week, you will receive 4 healthy, easy-to-prepare, leftover-friendly recipes and an organized shopping list.


I have been subscribing to Jenny’s Meal Plan for several months… I love it! My grocery bills have actually come DOWN, and we’re eating healthier, and I still get to be creative in the kitchen but I don’t have to think about what I’m going to make every day- that part is done for me!


Each Week You’ll Receive:

  • Four delicious and nutritious RECIPES designed by a nutritionist and chef:
    • Three wholesome easy-to-make meals that are leftover-friendly, and
    • One high-protein refrigerator staple so you always have something healthy to eat when you are hungry (super important!).

All of my recipes:

  • Use minimally processed ingredients
  • Feature nutritious, anti-inflammatory foods
  • Contain abundant amounts of healthy, seasonal vegetables
  • Are written in a way that ‘teaches’ you how to cook healthy
  • Are plant-based and suitable for vegans
  • Allow for flexibility in protein substitution ideas with instructions for adding fish or unprocessed soy products, like tempeh
  • Are dairy and gluten-free (or contain a gluten free option)

These recipes are extremely user-friendly, quick, easy to prepare and generally make lots of leftovers (I LOVE leftovers!).

My recipes are really tasty (if I do say so myself!). I love flavorful, comfort foods and those are the recipes you will get with my plan. No carrot sticks and tofu chunks, I promise!

In addition to the recipes, there is an organized SHOPPING LIST created to make grocery shopping quick and easy!


I have been using your nutritional plan for a month and have noticed a huge positive difference in my energy level. I also feel less bloated all over, something I wasn’t aware was possible. Thank you again for this wonderful program!



All of this is an investment of only $9.95 a month! About 33 cents a day!

Think about how much time and money you will save by using this program which makes shopping and cooking more time and cost effective.

Really, what is your time worth? How about your health?

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