How to Get Your Cooking Mojo Back!

Cooking healthy, whole foods is such a great thing you can do for your health and the health of your family.

But what if you just don’t feel like cooking? You’re not alone! Last week, I got this email from Pat:

“Hi Chef Jenny,

I really do want to cook healthy meals, but I need some new ideas and motivations!
I tend to cook the same thing too often and I’m not motivated to try new things.

Any ideas on how to recharge my cooking battery?”


Good question! First, I encouraged her to be easy on herself and reminded her that healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming to be good.

I also asked Pat to tell me about the last time she could remember really loving to cook. She recalled that a few years back she had taken a Thai cooking class and learned to cook a handful of new and delicious recipes that made her excited to be in the kitchen. She experimented with new spices and ingredients and was thrilled at how much her family loved the food.

However, sometimes even the greatest inspirations can wear off, so we came up with some ways Pat could reignite her love of cooking:

  • Buy a new cookbook with beautiful pictures
  • Go online and look at some exciting food blogs
  • Buy a new spice or ingredient to try
  • Take a cooking class

In the end, Pat decided to sign up for another a cooking class and is on the road to reclaiming her cooking mojo!

How about you? If you’ve lost some motivation to cook and you’d like to get re-inspired, my Natural Foods Cooking Program will teach you how to make healthy food taste more delicious and more exciting than you can even imagine!

Until next time, be INSPIRED to Eat Well, Be Well and LOVE Every Bite!

~Chef Jenny

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