Are you ready to nourish & replenish your body?

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    • Getting a great nights sleep, waking with vitality and having abundant energy throughout the day
    • Feeling calm, relaxed and in tune with your body’s natural rhythms
    • Jumpstarting a weight loss program built on moderation not deprivation
    • Bringing some inspiration back into your kitchen through preparing delicious healthy recipes you’re excited about

Food is an essential and pleasurable part of life. But if you’re like most people, food is something you have a love / hate relationship with. And that relationship affects the quality of your life.

It should be so simple: When you’re hungry, eat something good for you and then stop.

But it isn’t always that way, is it?

We are either eating on the go and not paying attention to what we are putting in our mouths, or so obsessed with carbs, fats and protein that when we sit down to a meal, it feels constrictive or like a chore.

And then, there are the occasions where everything breaks down. Holidays, parties and vacations can all cause us to eat foods we know don’t support our greatest well-being or we eat to the point of needing comfy pants.

And while these occasions are fun (and in my opinion, required for personal sanity!), getting stuck in a cycle of overeating foods that don’t support your best self is exhausting.

What you may not realize is that this cycle robs your body of crucial nourishment that supports your sleep, your energy and your mood. Of course, it depletes your physical body and you feel fuzzy and fatigued, but to me, that pales in comparison to how your emotional and spiritual body suffers.

Is it time to free up your relationship with food?

I know what it’s like. I spent years in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and wasted so much of my precious time & energy with what I lovingly call a hot mess of a relationship with food and my body.

As I became more peaceful with food, I freed up energy to do what I was meant to do on this planet which is (not ironically) to help others change their lives by creating a delicious path to loving their bodies.

That’s why I created EmBODY: to help you rewrite your food story so you can take the emotional energy you’re spending on food and invest it in other areas of your life.  Think about it – How much time do you think about food each day? Are those pleasant thoughts that uplift you? If not, this program may be for  you.

This isn’t a quick fix, but a 90-Day coaching program that goes deeper and allows for slower and more lasting life changes.

Join me in creating a new food story that transforms your energy and your body..with EmBody

In this 90-Day program, you will…

  • Identify & quickly break through your “food story” that’s been holding you back, so you can implement healthy changes without self-sabotage.
  • Discover simple practices to help you easily stay committed to your healthy lifestyle
  • Learn to nourish yourself well, so healthy eating becomes a normal part of who you are and not just another diet.
  • Understand how to tune into your body so you make healthier choices that help you feel your best.
  • Know exactly what foods and types of meals that are best for keeping your blood sugar & hormones balanced, so you experience sustained energy.
  • Explore a powerful way to reset your body’s feelings of hunger & fullness, so you can feel fully satisfied eating in moderation.

How the EmBody Program works….

Here is What You’ll Receive in This One-on-One Program:

  • An in-depth, 75-minute VIP foundation session with me where we’ll go over your health history, design a personalized cleanse and eating program with the specific strategies that will insure success in YOUR life (Phone or Skype)
  • Weekly meal plans with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas with corresponding shopping lists for the duration of your program. Plus access to online cooking classes where you’ll prepare food for your week so it is super simple to stay with the program.
  • Five Private Food & Nutrition Coaching Sessions with Jenny (60 minutes each). Your foundation session will be scheduled at the beginning of your program. Once you start, you’ll receive five more sessions for ongoing support and accountability. (Phone or Skype)

NOTE: This is NOT a group program–it is a personalized, one-on-one program so you can start the program when it works best with your schedule

Optional Add-on: Private Healthy Kitchen Makeover Retreat with Chef Jenny in your home (San Francisco Bay Area or a virtual workshop day): This includes a pantry makeover, assessment of your kitchen equipment and a personal food coaching session where we’ll prepare four healthy recipes from your program. This is a great way to start the program strong!

You’ll Also Receive these bonuses……

  • A Weekly Accountability Journal that I read personally so you are fully supported even on the weeks we don’t have a session scheduled
  • Priority Email Access for quick questions and ‘Check-In’ support during your program

Figgies #2 sample

Here is what you’ll learn in EmBody

The Five Tenets of EmBody

Nutrition First

  • Some of our food cravings arise from a simple lack of nutrition.
  • By focusing on eating more nutrient-dense, whole & unprocessed foods, you will nourish your physical body, sleep better and have more energy.
  • When you feel great, you want to keep feeling great–helping you make healthier choices.

Eat until you are no longer hungry (not full)

  • You will practice the art of what the Japanese call Hari Hachi Bu: The act of eating until you are ¾ full.
  • This simple (but not always easy) shift in your eating patterns will enable you to keep the foods you love in your diet because you are able to enjoy them in moderation.
  • Feeling satisfied while eating less food is a huge step toward freedom with food.

Setting Food Boundaries

  • Ah, beautiful boundaries! Boundaries like not eating after a certain time at night, only having one plate or bowl of food, and/or massively minimizing your food decisions…all of these will have a tremendous impact on your chances of success.
  • Learning to reframe boundaries as freeing instead of restrictive will set you free and shift your perception.
  • A boundary that works for one person may not work for another, so I will support you in setting the boundaries that will have the biggest impact on your goals.

Body Awareness

  • Guess what? You are not just a floating head! You have an amazing body that is sending you regular messages about how what you are eating is affecting you, but chances are, your daily schedule doesn’t have time built in to listen.
  • Implementing a daily practice of checking in with your body will allow you to better tune into these signals, including hunger and how the food you are eating is making you feel.

Regular Food Pauses

  • Taking regular breaks from eating give you the opportunity to reflect about how much food you really need to satisfy your hunger.
  • You will also discover other ways to nourish yourself beyond food.
  • And because the average person makes over 200 food decisions a day, a food pause is a wonderful opportunity to free up headspace for other areas of your life.

Because this is a 90 day commitment, it’s a MUST that this program is a good fit for both of us. If interested, click here to get onto my calendar so we can have a chat to make sure the program is the right decision for you.

I am PASSIONATE about you having a healthier relationship with food, your body and ultimately, your life! I know success is waiting for you and I look forward to the possibility of working with you soon.

All my best,