Rewrite Your Food Story

 Is it time to rewrite your food story?

rewrite your food storyMany of us have a food story we tell to ourselves. It usually sounds something like, “I’m addicted to sugar,” “I’m just a big eater,” or “I can’t relax without my glass of wine at night,” etc….but really, whose story is that?

Is that the authentic, vital, passionate YOU, or is something else driving that narrative?

When these stories are in control, you make choices that don’t support you, you stop enjoying food and may not even allow your body to receive the nourishment that it truly craves.

What if you could rewrite YOUR food story from a place of authenticity and passion?

Join Nutritionist and Chef Jenny Brewer for this FREE class, “How To Rewrite Your Food Story,” where you’ll:

~Explore what your cravings really mean (chances are, it isn’t what you think)

~Learn three things to ask yourself the next time an unhealthy craving strikes

~Discover a surprising way to feel satisfied while eating less

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You deserve to enjoy the freedom and peace of mind when eating delicious food – I look forward to helping you create a delicious way to approach food in your life.

Here’s to the start of a whole new story!



DSC0124 After years of yo-yo dieting, Jenny Brewer turned her struggle (food) into her passion (FOOD!) and is on a mission to help others heal their relationship with food and their body. She’s a Nutritionist, Chef and Cooking Instructor and a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. She is the co-host of Green Tea & Honey, an online radio show about food, health and the joys of eating.