Click for video- Chef Jenny explains all!I have been subscribing to Jenny’s Meal Plan for several months… I love it! My grocery bills have actually come DOWN, and we’re eating healthier, and I still get to be creative in the kitchen but I don’t have to think about what I’m going to make every day- that part is done for me! ~Allison

We subscribed to Jenny’s Healthy Meal Plan because our meals had become very routine and it was a daily challenge to come up with dinners that appealed to us.  I also felt that nutritionally, we could use some guidance. We’ve been subscribers for about a year. In that time my husband has lost 30 pounds, without even trying, and we both feel that our health and nutrition have improved greatly. ~Ellyce

Wow! These meal plans have greatly exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love how you have organized them, the comments you provide on the first page, the incredibly delicious recipes and the shopping lists! I think my favorite part is the refrigerator staple for the week, because that is what I struggle with the most. This is EXACTLY what I need because I am not creative with food at all. Thank you so much! ~Sara

I have been using your nutritional plan for a month and have noticed a huge positive difference in my energy level, along with my feeling of less bloated all over, something I wasn’t aware was possible. Thank you again for this wonderful program! ~Sharon

I’ve been trying your meal plan for a few weeks and it’s just great! We really like the recipes and it makes shopping and meal planning so much easier. I’m also learning to cook with things I never used before…fun! Thanks Jenny! ~Leinani

We love this meal plan so we decided to buy a year as a gift for my father-in-law. His recent comment to us was that this meal plan has been “the best gift!” He especially appreciates the Shopping List section to help with his planning purposes for the week. Thanks!!! ~Ayala

After just a week of preparing and eating these recipes I feel what can only be described as ‘zoomy’. ~Rob

I’ve been struggling for years trying to eat healthier at home and include lots of organic veggies in my diet, so this is an answer to my prayers. I feel like a gourmet cook! ~Barbara

Last night I made dinner for a group of six. I served kale and avocado salad, kabocha squash, veggies and cashews, and the poached pears.  I think everyone felt like they were treated to the most delicious meal they had had in ages. None of them could stop talking about any of it! They were also grateful for the healthiness of it.
Thanks for your great instruction and recipes! ~Toni

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to eat “Heart Healthy”. I am eating healthy lunches from dinner leftovers, I have lost 13 lbs and have a new zeal for cooking. ~Anne

After about a week of following Jenny’s meal plan, my energy improved and I can focus again! ~Luanne

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