This is NOT Your Typical Apron

In this video, I introduce you to Rising International, an amazing organization that spreads hope and dignity by selling crafts made by women living in the poorest and most dangerous places in the world.

At 1:20: Learn where the worst place on earth to live as a woman is
At 1:45: Hear about the ingenious program designed to provide healing AND financial sustainability
At 2:45: Find out how you can get involved while having fun at the same time


When you hear the story of these women, I know you will be moved as I was.  

That’s why when you register for my upcoming Natural Foods Cooking Program, a portion of your registration will go to support Rising International.

As a gift of appreciation, you will get one these beautiful one-of-kind aprons to take home.

Find out more about the program and register here.

And please share this email and video with friends and family. The more people that know about these forgotten women, the better.

Thanks and have a wonderful holiday weekend!
~Chef Jenny




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